Pointe Dancing Classes in Amarillo

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Pointe Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Pointe Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Ballet dancers dream of the time when they will begin pointe dancing. Pointe technique is an extension of classical ballet technique. When performing en pointe, a ballet dancer supports all of their body weight on their toes. This style of dance came from the desire of dancers to appear weightless. Dance Arts Amarillo is dedicated to instructing dancers with patience and kindness. Building a dancer’s physical strength and stamina is a key piece of their technical training. Dance Arts Amarillo also focuses on a dancer’s mentality while building a dancer’s self confidence through training and performing.

Performing en pointe requires dancers to wear pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are reinforced to distribute a dancer’s weight load throughout the entire foot. This reduces weight on the toes and allows the dancer to fully extend their feet vertically. A proper shoe fitting is required when students begin pointe dancing. In addition, beginning pointe dancers are encouraged not to wear their pointe shoes without supervision from their instructor. Pointe dancing requires a high level of physical endurance, foot strength, and leg musculature.

Prior to beginning pointe-work, dancers should have several years ballet experience. For this reason, Dance Arts Amarillo provides careful instruction and supervision. Age, dance experience, strength, and alignment can be factors that indicate when a dancer is ready to begin pointe instruction. Age of the dancer is one of the first considerations of beginning pointe training, as the growth plates in the foot are nearing full development in a dancer’s teens. Young dancers without the physical strength and technique that pointe requires are at a higher risk for injury.

Attitude and commitment are other considerations when assessing dancers for pointe-work. No matter when introduced, pointe-work is always undertaken gradually with knowledgeable and careful supervision. Dance Arts Amarillo considers a dancer’s experience in ballet and their attendance when determining pointe readiness. Students should attend classes regularly. Stamina and technique are carefully evaluated to ensure dancers are not at risk for injury and they have the necessary skills to execute pointe positions correctly.

A dancer with excitement and enthusiasm is sure to be successful when tackling the repetitive exercises of pointe instruction. Our philosophy of creating confident and strong dancers helps each dancer reach the goals they set for themselves. The accomplishment of pointe training is an exciting next step in classical ballet instruction.

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