Lyrical Dance Classes in Amarillo

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Lyrical Dance Classes in Amarillo

Lyrical Dance Classes in Amarillo

Lyrical is a dance style that is evolving. It incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. Techniques from different dance styles, such as jazz and ballet, are elongated and distorted to create a style that is less precise and more fluid. Lyrical dance often interprets music and helps the audience connect emotionally to the performance.

Dance Arts Amarillo offers dance instruction that is focused on developing strength, agility, and mental stamina. We are dedicated to guiding and building dancers utilizing patient and kind instruction, while building students’ self confidence. Lyrical dance instruction includes basic jazz, ballet, and modern dance techniques. The movements of lyrical dance are not as strict and precise as its foundational dance forms. Upper body movements can resemble African traditional dance. Dancers utilize a large amount of space on the stage, combining leaps with graceful walks and turns. The dance flows from move to move with little or no stopping. The dancers hold their steps and seem to flow gracefully, connecting emotionally with the music and the audience.

In most performances, lyrical dances are paired with music that contains lyrics. Lyrical means to be poetic or expressive. The goal is to express the strong emotions contained in the song. Love, joy, hurt, and anger are often the focus of the dance instead of precise movement. Various musical genres can be incorporated, including rock, folk, pop, alternative, or hip hop.

Learning lyrical dance can be an introduction to more precise styles of dance or a way to move out of precision and develop more individual style. No matter the reason for choosing lyrical dance, Dance Arts Amarillo is dedicated to working with dancers to create the strength and agility to perform with confidence and grace.

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