Jazz Dancing Classes in Amarillo

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Jazz Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Jazz Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Jazz dance is a form of free and fluid dancing. Like the music, jazz dance is an American art form. It includes explosive and rhythmic movement and ranges from very structured like ballet to free flowing like lyrical dance. Dance Arts Amarillo teaches jazz with the same patience and kindness as the other forms of dance taught in the studio. Our instructors focus on building dancer self-confidence, as well as flexibility, agility, and stamina. Like other forms of dance, jazz requires discipline of the mind and athletic skill to perform.

Jazz is a term that is used to describe a range of styles. The genre is difficult to define as it blends a variety of dance styles. Its energetic and fun moves and techniques make it enjoyable to watch. Dancer creativity and individuality give dancers with a firm foundation the opportunity to interpret and execute moves in their unique way. A strong ballet foundation is often encouraged for jazz dancers. Jazz requires much of the same grace, balance, and stamina found in traditional ballet dance.

Different jazz dance styles provide dancers with different opportunities to express themselves. Classical jazz strongly depends on ballet technique and depends on core strength to deliver strong, clean movements from the hips and chest. Contemporary jazz builds on the foundation of classical jazz. Strong story lines are added and creativity becomes more apparent. Other styles of jazz combine hip-hop steps, tricks, and culturally inspired dance moves.

At Dance Arts Amarillo, students will begin with foundational steps to build confidence and stamina. Dancewear needs for jazz include clothing that allows a free range of movement. Body lines are important. Most jazz dancers prefer jazz or dance pants with form-fitting tops or leotards. Fitted clothing keeps the turns and quick moves of jazz from becoming jumbled. Jazz shoes are typical footwear, although dancers can perform in tennis shoes or barefoot. Dance Arts Amarillo dress code will provide guidance for jazz dress and shoes once your dancer is enrolled.

Dance Arts Amarillo is committed to building a love of dance and performing in our students. Our instructors strive to build self-confidence in a safe, kind, and patient environment. We are excited to watch each of our dancers grow and learn in a variety of dance styles. 

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