Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amarillo

Dance Arts Amarillo

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amarillo

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amarillo

Dance Arts Amarillo offers a wide range of instructional classes. Each class is taught in a way which requires the dancer to have great discipline of the mind and body. Hip-Hop dance classes are no exception. As with other forms of dance, hip-hop is an athletic skill which requires dancers to be agile, flexible, and have the stamina to perform.

Hip-Hop dance at Dance Arts Amarillo features movements that developed from a wide range of genres, including jazz and tap. Most often hip-hop dance is performed to hip-hop music. Originally hip-hop was primarily recognized as break-dancing which occurred low to the ground. Commercial exposure in a wide range of television shows made hip-hop accessible to a wide audience and continues to aid its popularity. It includes far more than the ground work originally associated with break-dancing. Dancers want to perform like the dancers they see on TV. A key component of hip-hop dance is freedom of movement and the opportunity for a dancer’s personality to show through. Personality is one aspect of hip-hop that cannot be taught. However, confidence can. Dance Arts strives to create and boost the self-confidence of each student. Self-confidence is apparent as dancers perform, especially in high energy hip-hop performances.

Freestyle hip-hop dances still require a mastery of basic steps and movements. A good sense of rhythm makes learning hip-hop steps easier. Learning a collection of moves like the Running Man or Charlie Brown can allow a dancer to move freely through a routine while continuing to display their unique personality. Each component of dance at Dance Arts Amarillo is taught with patience and kindness. Students have the opportunity to learn and grow at a pace that is appropriate for them.

Hip-Hop is a movement that represents the freedom to learn, grow, and evolve. This philosophy is mirrored in Dance Art Amarillo’s goals for each dancer. A beautiful dance is performed with confidence and joy. The action and energy presented in hip-hop dance shows off each dancer’s personality. The discipline to learn basic steps increases a dancer’s flexibility, agility, and stamina. Hip-hop dance spotlights dancer personality in each performance.

At Dance Arts Amarillo, we look forward to watching your dancer learn and grow.

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