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Ballet Dance Classes in Amarillo

Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is defined as a form of dance that demands grace and precision. It is made up of a series of formal steps and gestures. These steps and gestures are combined into patterns that are intricate and flowing. They express ideas and emotions through movement. All types of dance demand high levels of athletic skill, but ballet requires even more intense physical training.

Tap Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Tap Dancing Classes

Tap Dance is an art form that demands skill and precision. Achieving the athletic skill, flexibility, and agility that various forms of dance require can be overwhelming. Dance Arts Amarillo teaches the art of dance with patience and kindness. Students not only develop dancing skills, but also increased self-confidence.
Dance Arts Amarillo offers a variety of dance classes including tap dancing. For this class, dancers require special shoes fitted...

Jazz Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Jazz Dancing Classes

Jazz dance is a form of free and fluid dancing. Like the music, jazz dance is an American art form. It includes explosive and rhythmic movement and ranges from very structured like ballet to free flowing like lyrical dance. Dance Arts Amarillo teaches jazz with the same patience and kindness as the other forms of dance taught in the studio. Our instructors focus on building dancer self-confidence, as well as flexibility, agility, and stamina. Like other forms of dance, jazz requires discipline of the mind and athletic skill to perform.

Pointe Dancing Classes in Amarillo

Pointe Dancing Classes

Ballet dancers dream of the time when they will begin pointe dancing. Pointe technique is an extension of classical ballet technique. When performing en pointe, a ballet dancer supports all of their body weight on their toes. This style of dance came from the desire of dancers to appear weightless. Dance Arts Amarillo is dedicated to instructing dancers with patience and kindness. Building a dancer’s physical strength and stamina is a key piece of their technical training. Dance Arts Amarillo also focuses on a dancer’s mentality while building a dancer’s self confidence through training and performing.

Lyrical Dance Classes in Amarillo

Lyrical Dance Classes

Lyrical is a dance style that is evolving. It incorporates elements of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. Techniques from different dance styles, such as jazz and ballet, are elongated and distorted to create a style that is less precise and more fluid. Lyrical dance often interprets music and helps the audience connect emotionally to the performance.

Dance Arts Amarillo offers dance instruction that is focused on developing strength, agility, and mental stamina...

Contemporary Dance Classes in Amarillo

Contemporary Dance Classes

Dance Arts Amarillo instills the art of dance through instruction that is patient and kind. Many forms of dance require structured movement and sequences. Contemporary dance combines many of those elements from ballet, modern dance, jazz, and lyrical dance. The result is a style of dance that is more free flowing.

Contemporary dance began to take form in the 1940s. It was during this time that the idea that each dance performance could be random and unique. Pioneers of contemporary dance believed that dancers should have freedom of movement allowing their bodies to freely express feelings and emotions...

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Amarillo

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Dance Arts Amarillo offers a wide range of instructional classes. Each class is taught in a way which requires the dancer to have great discipline of the mind and body. Hip-Hop dance classes are no exception. As with other forms of dance, hip-hop is an athletic skill which requires dancers to be agile, flexible, and have the stamina to perform.

Hip-Hop dance at Dance Arts Amarillo features movements that developed from a wide range of genres, including jazz and tap. Most often hip-hop dance is performed to hip-hop music. Originally hip-hop was primarily recognized as break-dancing which occurred low to the ground...

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