Contemporary Dance Classes in Amarillo

Dance Arts Amarillo

Contemporary Dance Classes in Amarillo

Contemporary Dance Classes in Amarillo

Dance Arts Amarillo instills the art of dance through instruction that is patient and kind. Many forms of dance require structured movement and sequences. Contemporary dance combines many of those elements from ballet, modern dance, jazz, and lyrical dance. The result is a style of dance that is more free flowing.

Contemporary dance began to take form in the 1940s. It was during this time that the idea that each dance performance could be random and unique. Pioneers of contemporary dance believed that dancers should have freedom of movement allowing their bodies to freely express feelings and emotions. Contemporary dance borrows from so many styles of dance, but is often considered to be technically related to ballet and jazz. In fact, it incorporates elements from a much wider variety of dance styles. Take this out...Contemporary dancers work to connect the body and mind utilizing fluid dance movement. Most contemporary pieces are versatile and full of improv throughout. Because of the freedom contemporary dance offers, it is often performed barefoot to a wide range of musical genres.

The strong, controlled legwork associated with ballet is key in contemporary performance. It is combined with a more modern emphasis on controlled movement within the core and torso. In addition, the floor work and improvisation of modern dance is incorporated to create expressive dances. The dancer relies on gravity to pull them to the floor in very fluid movements. Unpredictable changes throughout the dance is another characteristic. The speed, rhythm, and direction of the body change often. Contemporary dance appears very free and unrestrictive, much the opposite of classic dance forms. Even with this less restricted movement this dancing style still requires extensive training in nontraditional techniques and expression.

At Dance Arts Amarillo, we embrace the possibilities offered through contemporary dance. Students focus on unexpected movements, self-expression, and freedom while continuing to develop strong technique. A sense of coordination and style is necessary to move forward in contemporary dance. Our instructors are thorough as they teach the basic techniques associated with the contemporary style. As with others dance styles, core strength and flexibility are key to progressing. Discipline of the body and mind are core beliefs of Dance Arts, with any style of dance instruction.

At Dance Arts Amarillo, we focus on training dancers' minds and bodies. Stamina is the result of athletic dance training. Our dancers will express self confidence as they perform in a particular dance style that displays not only their agility, but also their grace and beauty. We look forward to working with your dancer as they grow and learn.

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