Ballet Dance Classes in Amarillo

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Ballet Dance Classes in Amarillo

Ballet Dance Classes in Amarillo

Ballet is defined as a form of dance that demands grace and precision. It is made up of a series of formal steps and gestures. These steps and gestures are combined into patterns that are intricate and flowing. They express ideas and emotions through movement. All types of dance demand high levels of athletic skill, but ballet requires even more intense physical training.

The elegance of classical ballet began in Italian Renaissance courts during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Ballet from this time period is the foundation for most classical styles of dance. Throughout history, ballet has changed. Today there are six styles or methods of ballet training which originated in different places. Russia, France, and Italy are just three areas where ballet evolved and training was changed. In general, ballet instruction is strict. It progresses from simple movements to more difficult steps. It requires not only strong mental discipline, but also physical discipline and flexibility. Ballet classes are taught in such a way that the body warms up and is able to perform steps perfectly. Movements in ballet are very specific. They follow a path of movement that leads from one step to the next. Because of this precision, ballet can be difficult to perfect. As with other forms of dance, ballet develops the dancer’s flexibility, agility, and stamina. The perfection associated with ballet training can become stressful to dancers. Dance Arts works to build perfection in ballet through patient and kind instruction, allowing dancers to become self-confident in their abilities. Creating a stress-free learning environment allows dancers to perform ballet and showcase the beautiful movements of the dance.

Most little girls dream of the day they will become true ballerinas. Ballet requires years of training before a dancer is ready for the final step - pointe shoes. As ballet steps and movements are taught and perfected, dancers will wear ‘soft’ ballet shoes. Once they have mastered their skills, they will be ready to be fitted for traditional paste pointe shoes. This ballet shoe is designed with a hard point, the box or toe, and a hard sole called the shank. The shoe allows a ballerina to dance on her toe with ease. Ballerinas work hard to become accustomed to the rigid fit of pointe shoes in order to maintain the perfection of their dance steps.

Ballet consists of beautiful movements in coordination with beautiful music. Throughout history, ballet has allowed viewers to become lost in another world. Through compassionate instruction, Dance Arts continues the artistry of ballet by creating confident dancers.

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